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We are pleased to invite you to you this year's youth festival, live on Zoom due to the continuing pandemic and open to people of all ages and from all corners of the world. Tune in for some great talks and other online events during the weekend beginning Friday 28 May and concluding on Monday 31 May 2021. If you are interested, please register using the form below.

We will be sharing more information about the speakers and the timetable soon!

With love in Christ,
The Festival Committee — Alexandra, Ancuta, Andreas, Alban, Alex, Alexandru and Joachim



We are a group of young adult (18-35+) Orthodox Christians who meet throughout the year for prayer and fellowship in order to better know our faith and each other. We organise different events throughout the year around the UK so that everyone can be involved.

Events are organised by the OFSJB Youth Committee, part of the Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist (OFSJB), registered charity 1063713.

If you would like to support our work in the UK, please consider becoming a member of the fellowship or giving a small donation.


Regular Events

When free from Covid-19 restrictions, we organise several in-person events throughout the year. These include the following:

-- Youth Festival --

Our main event in the year, usually happening on one of the May Bank Holiday weekends out in the countryside. The festival is 3-4 days full of interesting talks by a variety of speakers (bishops, priests, monks, nuns and accasionally academics and laity as well) based around a common theme. Some of the other activities you can expect include walks, bonfire nights, sports, games and more (and you are free to skip the ones not appealing to you)! There is also plenty of "unorganised" time for personal conversations both with the speakers and with other attendees.

-- Snowdonia Weekend --

Following quick on the heels of summer's end, we go for a hike in the beautiful peaks of Snowdonia and stay overnight in a cozy little cottage. It is a great opprotunity to get some exercise and breathe in some fine clean moutain air. Spaces are limited for this event because of the sleeping arrangements, so watch for the announcement if you are keen to go.

-- Octofest --

Originally conceived as the annual catch-up meeting after the year's festival, Octofest has since evolved into a proper event of its own. Everyone is welcome, whether they attended the festival or not. Often, around half of the people hadn't attented the festival, so no need to fear to be out of the loop with everyone else knowing each other. Commonly we start with a celebration of the Divine Liturgy, followed by a talk by the local priest and some food, music and games.

-- Christmas Fellowship --

To stave off the winter depression, we head out to the Christmas markets to enjoy some ice-skating and a warm hearty meal (also possibly some mulled wine). Fuzzy feelings of warmth and friendship are to be expected.



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